Who am I?

Vegard Andreas Larsen. Software engineer. Founder. Occasional idiot.

I have had plenty of tries at writing an “about me”-page. I just never seem to make it as interesting or funny as I’d like.

When I was 8, I read my first programming book. It was on BASIC, and I seem to remember it took me a year from reading that book until I actually tried programming on a computer for the first time. Since then, I’ve graduated through Turbo Pascal, Visual Basic, Delphi, PHP, C/C++ and C# — just to name the few I felt I got a hang of.

In between I’ve gotten a Master’s degree in Computer Science from NTNU, where my thesis was about audio fingerprinting.

At my day-job1 I am a co-founder, co-owner and CTO of Digital Creations AS. We do everything from developing software and services which we sell directly to end users, through developing custom websites for clients. We even have a little side-gig with drone photography and filming.

  1. Sometimes it stretches well into the evenings and weekends.