Vegard Andreas Larsen Vegard Andreas Larsen, slightly peeking above the bottom edge.

Firefox is the new hotness

I was an early adopter of Firefox back in the early 2000’s, but when Chrome came out a few years later it was an obvious upgrade. Since then, Google has steadily taken market share from every other browser, but for me it stops now.

In the last 2 years, Google has tried to introduce two very consumer-hostile changes, namely the Web Integrity API and Manifest v3. Both of these would severely limit consumers ability to do things like ad blocking, which are quite really important parts of the modern web.

Firefox has steered clear of these kinds of obviously bad-for-consumer features, and have instead moved in the right direction of giving users back control. I was pleasantly surprised to find how simple Firefox’s settings seem in the latest version, and the multi-account container extension is brilliant for managing my various roles.

I only have two problems at the moment:

  • When opening OpenID Connect sign-in links, they open by default in no container, however I would really like an option to force picking a container before it opens. The workaround now is to click sign-in, get taken to a site where I am not signed in to the correct account, set that site to always open in the correct container, close the tab, go back to the app, click sign in again, and now it works.

Published 2023-08-13. Last updated 2023-08-14.