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Removing MaxTo from Cnet

I have recently been made aware that MaxTo was featured on, and wrapped in horrible crapware that I have no desire for my software to be associated with. There have been  quite  a bit of writing about this when they started doing it.

I have known about’s policies for quite a while, and while I personally have been avoiding it, I was unaware that MaxTo was being offered there. I have now sent in a support request to have MaxTo removed from their site effective immediately. Let’s see how long it takes for them to remove it.

Bundling software with crapware is a horrible practice, and I am quite frankly mad that does this without my permission. I’ve searched my e-mail archives and they have never notified me they were doing this.

Update Two hours later I got a reply from their support, confirming they have disabled the CNet Installer for my company account. So it look like MaxTo won’t need to be removed anyway. I wish most publishers would contact them regarding this.

Published 2014-12-29. Last updated 2022-12-19.